Sketching Circular Sweets

The Sketchbook Challenge theme for July is "circles"...and you can see that I prefer to find my favorite circles the bakery! I've already been working on a doughnut theme for some artwork around the house and can't stop drawing them. Envision a huge pop art box of breakfast treats above the front door! Of course, the first step to sketching your circles is to find some delicious circles in your favorite shapes. I rustled up chocolate, sprinkles, cruller and a polka dot cookie. Research is VERY important, so don't skimp at the doughnut shop!
After photographing my yummy rounds, I drew their basic shapes on a watercolor paper journal page, using a black permanent marker, then I added some book page collage by ripping words and pieces from old books and adhering them randomly with glue stick. I used a variety because I like big and small words mingled together. 


 After my collage work was done, I threadsketched around the primary features with a sewing machine and black thread. I use a free-motion foot and follow the lines I've drawn, adding a messy sketchy line for texture.

Finally, to finish my sketchbook drawing, I added watercolors to bring my sweets to life. There is a little sprinkling of golden tri-color powder for a bit of glitz. Here's my final painting in my sketchbook, but I like to use my sketchbook as the foundation for furthering into digital, so I snapped a photo and uploaded it to my computer for more fun.

 Using my photo, I added many more layers of digital color and joy with a paint bucket and brush. I started in paint.net and finished with Corel Painter 12. 

I never know where my digital meanderings will take me, and at one point I thought the circular pastries would be cool as paper sweets, so I gave them little tags and some cutting outlines. Guess I was harkening back to my youth and love of paper dolls. Just another silly sketch on one of my favorite topics...sugar.

Thanks to the Sketchbook Challenge,  I had a good excuse to wrap up my research by disposing of my circles in the most humane way.....down the hatch. YUM!!! Don't forget to upload your circle sketches to the SC Flickr pool for a chance to win a Gelli Printing Plate!

Happy Sketching!

 Celebrate a circle today.


  1. love your research subjects - nice variety of images from them, too! thanks for the inspiration....

  2. I think we should all either bake or visit a bakery if this outcome will work for us too. Thanks for taking us through the steps. Delightful results with your usual flair and zingy colors.

    I love being part of Sketchbook Challenge via the Flicker site

  3. what a delicious subject for circles. love the colors! {:-Deb