Folded Book Art


I've seen variations on folded books or origami books and love the look of them. Anytime you can recycle books and enjoy them in new ways, I'm a fan! And as a librarian, I have access to books ready to be transformed before they hit the dumpster.

These are not particularly sophisticated, but they are simple and fun. These folds are super basic. I folded one page at a time rather than two's or three's. That gave them lots of fullness. I found out that you really need a book with a lot of pages or you won't achieve the full 180 degree shape. Use a bone folder for sharp creases and to save your fingertips (and avoid paper cuts).

When I was done with my folding, I sifted through my paper supply to find new endpapers to match my decor. I found these exquisite handmade waxed and printed papers in red, orange and mustard. I used a glue stick to add them to the inside covers, then filed the edges smooth.

I didn't find any information on mounting books, so I made up my own way. I cut a piece of black foam core slightly smaller than my open book size (trace around the book and cut with a craft knife).

Before you glue the book to the foam core, make a hanger. I punched holes side by side in the foam core with an awl. Then I wrapped some wire around through front and back a couple of times and twisted to close. That gave me wire hanger. I glued the books to the foam core with clear craft glue and then to make them even more secure, I punched an awl through the cover and the foam core under the pages where it couldn't be seen. I made two holes on the front cover and two on the back. I ran more wire around front and back to tie the book to the foam core.

Happy folding!


  1. Okay post. You have a knowledgable review on the subject and I will be subscribing to your feed and will hope you shall write again soon on similar subjects. But I was curious on what your sources for the post are? Thanks a lot

    Best Cardsharing

  2. Would love to try making this, where could I find information on how to do it? Love It!

    Sincerely, Karen

  3. If you Google "book origami" or "book folding" you'll find a variety of ideas. I love the book The Repurposed Library by Lisa Occhipinti--your library may have it. http://amzn.to/17oz9lL

  4. I just returned from the Art of the Carolinas about a week ago, and this is one of the little mini-workshops that they taught! It is so simple, but such a beautiful way to recycle all of those paperbacks that seem to collect dust on the shelf. I have completed one stand alone piece, just not sure where to go with it. Thinking about gilding the edges.....not sure....just having fun with available resources.

  5. Really Cool...It is like a small wall sculpture!