Happy Holiday Felted Acorns

I was inspired by a coworker to take up my felting implements and get three dimensional. First there was some wool sorting and inventory. Then a search for goodies.

I found these beautiful acorn caps from a delightful Etsy seller in Canada who gathers and prepares them for crafty things.

Felting was pretty straight forward...poke poke poke to create little balls. My tool of choice is the the 3 needle Clover felting tool or a single needle.

Since I wanted to create hanging ornaments, I decided to add a looped headpin. First I used an awl to carefully poke a hole in the acorn cap. When I was ready to attach the felted acorn bottom to the cap, I filled the cap with a little craft glue and pushed the felted ball into the cap.  Then I inserted the headpin through the hole in the top of the acorn cap and into the felt. I pushed it all the way through the felted acorn then snipped it off with a wire cutter and used pliers to bend the end of the headpin back into a small hook embedded in the felt.

 For some added sparkle I wrapped the felted acorns with small bits of Angelina and felted it in.
The caps were frosted with a smidge of ultra thick embossing enamel and topped with glitter. You could add some clear fishing line as a hanger but I opted for some fancy ornament hooks.

 A lovely reminder of nature's tiny gifts.


  1. Amazing!!! Please do a YouTube on this! Wow!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are so sweet. I like the textural elements together. Have a great holiday!

  3. So colorful and sparkling! Love them. Have a nice Christmas!

  4. Beautiful little handmade ornaments to celebrate nature! Love the colors. YouTube video is a great idea for those of us how have never done felting.

  5. Love your creativity. Very festive too