Waiting for Publication

Watch for a couple of upcoming publications which will contain my handiwork. The Winter issue of Cloth Paper Scissors is out on newsstands October 3, 2006. Look for my article on EGGS, what else! Super sumptuous photos and some projects too, including an art squared tutorial on their website.

Some of my artist trading cards will be featured in the new book 1,000 Artist Trading Cards: Innovative and Inspired Mixed Media ATCs by Patricia Bolton. Alas, I must wait until March or April for this one. The word on the street is that I might get some cover space, but things change fast in the book industry so I'll not count my chickens.

Here's to a productive Fall for all my artsy friends! You have been an inspiration to me.


  1. I can't wait to see this magazine sitting in my mail box! I am sure I will let out a delighted squeal on that day, and the neighbors will call my crazy once again.:)

  2. Wonderful blog site.

    My first time here.

    I am in the 1000 ATC book too !

    Wondering when it comes out and googled it and that was how I found you.

    Love your artwork.

    Good luck.

    See you in the magazine in a couple of weeks & the book !

    Congratulations !
    Love, S.

  3. ohh Kelli !!!

    I HAVE Been here before !

    I was here last month about your last booth you had.

    I remember we talked about things then
    and loved your artwork !