Paper Quilt - Monoprinted Tulips

I read about monoprints in the current ish of Cloth Paper Scissors and it was addictive to try. Essentially, you go out and get some of that block printing paint (unless you're smart enough to already have some!), and you roll it out on a flat surface using a brayer. I bought a linoleum block and used that. Roll it out fairly thin. Place a piece of good printer paper over the ink and lightly draw a design on the back side with a pencil. Now, carefully lift up your paper and voila! A cool looking monoprint. Hey, I guess you could try a second color and make a what? Duoprint? Honestly, I know nothing about prints/printing, but my interest is growing. I took the monoprints of tulips, ironed them, then fixed with workable fixative and a light coat of gel medium, being careful not to smear. Then I collaged them with papers and inked the open spaces. I went over the whole thing with the sewing machine, over batting and muslin.

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  1. Anonymous3/01/2007

    Wow, this is very inspiring! I haven't gotten around to doing much art these days, but I stumbled upon your blog and now I must try this...