I need to walk away from paper beads for a few days, after a marathon session of over 300! Yikes! But the exciting news is that I'll be doing a "Virtual Studio" at the International Quilt Show in April, under the auspices of the great people at Cloth Paper Scissors! Let the beads fly! Here's what I used to create them. Look for an article in the next ish of CPS (#12). All secrets will be revealed!


  1. Is it Paint, Glitter, Threads, and Small Beads that you are using? Love your beads and other art. What is UTEE?

    I made a collage awhile ago and tried to put thread around the main subject but the wood frame the canvas was on got in the way.
    So I took it out and put puffy paint over the holes. Next time I make sure I'll line the subject up so the frame won't get in the way.

  2. Hi Kelli, your tutorial in CPS was excellent and gave me a perfect excuse to dig out my stash of paper beads and have a go. I thought you might like to know that I mentioned you and the tutorial in my blog and posted some pictures of my 'Dipped & Delightful' decorated beads.