Bead Queen Status

What image pops into your head when someone says "I'm sending you some beads?" It's well known that I am as stingy as they come, so I was really excited to think that a few tubes of sparkly wonderment were coming my way. I was blown away when this bonanza arrived! The dear, sweet, and spectacularly generous Ms. Lisa has bestowed the bead queen blessing upon me. Just look at this! I have been beading like a mad fool ever since they arrived and were passed around to "ooh's" and "aah's." Here's a photo of the entire stash, a closeup of some of the pretties and finally, what I've been doing with them. Much heartfelt thanks go out to you Lisa. You are a gem!


  1. Anonymous2/14/2008

    WOW! The beads look better here than they ever did when they lived with me. Enjoy them your Bead Majesty. It really was my pleasure.

  2. Ok, who is this wonderful and generous Lisa and how do I get my address to her?

  3. Dear Lisa--ignore this "Cheryl" woman. She is an imposter. She probably doesn't even know how to KNIT, let alone work with glorious beads. (hee hee)

  4. Anonymous2/17/2008

    Wow, lucky, lucky you!!! They are just gorgeous.