Mono Printing Fabric

I've made a couple first try monoprinted fabric efforts. This is my favorite so far and I intent to turn it into a quilt of some sort. We shall see!


  1. Since I want you to be around for many, many more years to inspire me, please use a good respirator if you are going to be playing with dye powders. Actually, even if you will be playing with dye liquors which could dry and become a powder again, get a decent respirator and not just a particle mask. I've worked with textile dyes for many years and it isn't as simple as using dyes instead of watercolor. You'll want a room with a big deep sink you can dedicate to this (think laundry tub).

    That being said, I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for always being an inspiration and for your incredibly exciting saturated colors!

  2. Thanks so much Wabbit for taking the time to remind me about safety! I've been having a ball and hope to post something soon :)