The Best Part--Serendipity!

I've been making stitchpaper like mad and will be posting week 2 results for the book study. Does it sound crazy to be in a book study for the book you wrote? It's a great motivation for me to make art! Anyway, here's what's so fun about being creative. This is a sampling of the paper towels and newspapers under my work. I've ironed them out and they're ready for some other project. I especially like to wrap gifts in the inked paper towels and tie them up with lovely fibers. Both kinds of serendipity paper look nice wrapped around paper beads. Just wait til we start stamping and such!


  1. It's not crazy at all in my humber opinion. I'm thrilled you are part on mmartfriends.

    Great idea of using the painted paper towles as gift wrap.

  2. I love your book, you did a wonderful job! I'm finishing some paper fabric quilts,already posted one today. I will give them for christmas.

  3. Anonymous10/13/2009

    You got to admit.. Serendipity is the best! Can't Duplicate it.. even if we wanted too... makes us as unique as our own personalities!

  4. Kelli, I love your book! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments about my stitch paper. I'm making more every day!