Stitch Alchemy Book Study and a free gift!

I'm so excited that uber-artist Belinda Spiwak (aka crazyartgirl and alteredbelly) is running a book study on Stitch Alchemy, that I've decided to play along at her generous invitation. There is already a LOT of alchemy sizzling over on Mixed Media Art Friends. The group begins this week and they're creating stitchpaper like crazy. You can read Belinda's instructions or find mine on pages 14-18 of the book.

Here is the schedule for playing along:
Week of Oct. 4: Create basic fabric/paper (stitchpaper) p. 14-18
Week of Oct. 11: Inviting Juiciness p. 24-27
Week of Oct. 18 and 25: Coloring with Paints and Glazes p. 29-34
Week of Nov. 1: Metallics p. 35-38
Week of Nov. 8: Chalks and Markers p. 39, Reducing and Removing Color p. 40-41
Week of Nov. 15: Casting Chance p. 42-45
Week of Nov. 22: Texturizing p. 4-49, Masks and Resists p. 50-51
Week of Thanksgiving: art school is out for the holiday!
Week of Dec. 6: Printmaking Techniques p. 52-53
Week of Dec. 13: Effects p. 54-57
Week of Dec. 20: Crafted Whimsy p. 58-62, Journaling p. 63-64, Baubles etc. p. 64-65

I'm going to offer a gift to anyone who'd like to participate in this study. If you join the group and "add" yourself to the book study (just let the group know you're in), then post at least one picture of some stitchpaper/cloth-paper you've made or a technique you've tried from the book to the shared files, I'll mail you a little something from my studio. The enthusiasm is contagious. MMART Friends is a big Yahoo group who do all kinds of mixed media, so only those interested will be taking part in the Stitch Alchemy book study.

You can also sign up for a swap--we're trading good fortune birds, love dolls and some 6" squares of stitchpaper so far. Hosts/hostesses are welcome!

There's plenty of time to get involved. I've got some plain stitchpaper brewing up today and we'll be decorating it through the rest of the year, then trading projects at the first of the new year.

To get your giftie from me...join up and as soon as you've posted a pic of your work to the shared files, email me with your name and address at kellininaperkins on gmail. I'll be working along with the schedule and will mail out gifts as I finish them.


  1. I haven't started my stitchpaper yet - but have gathered supplies and am so excited about learning from you and the group over at MMART!

  2. oh, I want to play. I just added a post on your book and art on my blog. Came over here to make sure I got the link right and found this "play group"
    I'll head on over and sign up!
    Thanks Kelli.
    I love your art!

  3. Melissa10/07/2009

    I defintely plan to join the study but still need to get the book and necessary supplies. I'm already a member of the group. Does that count? :-)
    Melissa S.

  4. Of course! I'm not sure what I'm making yet...we shall see, he he.

  5. OMGoodness - I've been on vacation and am so in the behind. . . Stand back while I whip this art out:)