Nook Book

A sudden distraction appeared at the front door today. I was so excited that despite the snow and brrrrrrrrrr cold temperature, I ran out to meet the UPS guy half way. I've wanted an e-reader for about ten years. Most people don't know they've even been around for that long! It's a librarian thing. Finally got myself a BN NOOK. Yum! Love it :)


  1. I have thought a bit about these. I wish I knew someone I could borrow one from for awhile, test it out. I do love the feel of a book in my hands.

  2. I had the Sony version years ago then it just faded away and I was sad that no one was interested in it. When the Palm PDA came out with books available on eReader.com I was hooked again and haven't touched a real book 'cept my arty books since. I now read strictly from my iPhone. My husband has turned me into a real GG - Gadget Girl.
    You Go - GG!

  3. I wanted a Sony Reader, but I was too late! Now I have my eye on the Nook. How is it working out? Do you like it a lot? Does it download quickly? Can you share content?

    No other questions at this time, your honor.

  4. I like it a LOT. Downloads super fast--from BN they are eyeblink level and I borrow ebooks from the library, so they are via usb but super fast. Yes, you can lend, but I have not done that. I do, like I said, borrow from my library's collection so if yours has Overdrive you can do that. I've made a cover and will blog that soon! Kelli