Ephemeralalchemy on Etsy

Alert the press. I have placed items in my long dusty Etsy shop! Ephemeralalchemy shop features paper bead goodies like bracelets, bead packs and earrings, plus CREATE watercolor books, small quilts and spoon poetry. Much more to come, so stay tuned.


  1. Oh I am so very excited !! I JUST purchased one of my very own Kelli Creations!! I am so glad that you ahd a few left over from CREATE as I was not able to attend, this year!
    I love your work Kelli and I make my own fabric paper since Beryl Taylor taught us all how but your colors and Whimsey are a unique version not to be touched by anyone else!!! Love it all!!
    Thanks for dusting off your ETSY shop now I am off to do the same with mine!!!

  2. Thanks so much Elizabeth! Your book is in the mail and I hope that you enjoy it. I'm so glad you're getting busy with stitchpaper. Fun!