Comfort in Sketching

I'm continuing to prepare for the Sketchbook Challenge by gathering tools. I've heard so much good feedback on the Lamy fountain pen with an ink converter and Noodler's bulletproof ink, that I treated myself with a gift certificate. It should arrive soon and I'll put it to the test. I plan to challenge myself with new techniques as the year rolls on, but for now we are starting simply. A little watercolor, a little thread sketching and a little text collage. Perfect for a snowy December morning. The Babylock is set up again after a long renovation hiatus. I feel whole again. Sigh.


  1. I love your blog! So inspiring!

  2. love how you cut the phrases from books. love it. so much that I'm gonna do it too!

  3. Wonderful Kelli!! Love your new profile picture as well!!! happy New Year!!!

  4. GoRgEoUs!!!
    (I just l*o*v*e your style!)
    Happy New Year!