New Studio Taking Shape

Kitchen 2005
Kitchen in process
Dining Room circa 2002--now my studio
My dedicated studio builder at work
We created these doors by painting our brown doors, changing out the hardware for satin nickel levers and hinges, and having some stainless steel strips cut to add a design element. Fancy! They're not trimmed out yet.
Voila! Here's where we are today.

I'm calling our new decorating scheme "Mid-Century Unfinished." Atomic Ranch meets construction site, lol. But progress continues. The kitchen table has to go, in favor of something lighter. All of the totes under my drafting table have to be sorted. It's still cluttered, but that gives me something to work in the upcoming months. I'm mostly moved into the new studio, but still need to do additional downsizing. I love my new "floating bookshelves" which look magical. The best part about a new studio is a place for (almost) everything and everything in its place. The other best part is having so much natural light, with a big sliding glass door next to my drafting table. I feel like the queen perched in the middle of the main floor. LOVE IT! There is still a ton to do before we even get to the floors, but I'm settled in for a long winter and ready to make some ART! Here's my little studio helper.


  1. Wow Kelli, what a great space that is!

  2. That is going to be an awesome space. Look at how your kitty's nose looks like a heart in this picture. So cute

  3. It is so refreshing to see a studio space evolving and not perfect!!! i ahve a big studio downstairs and hubby keeps threatening to drop off a dumpster, I know that i have to get down there and clean but in the meantime I love bringing projects upstairs on old lunch trays and working on the kitchen table so I can be where everyone else is!!!
    Love your little helper! PURRRRFECT!

  4. Looking good! Love those bookshelves. And all those canvas boxes... gives a stylish look to functional storage. Nice. Kitty looks as if she'd like the turmoil to come to an end. But the ladder can stay.

  5. Loving the Art-Making Central!
    Especially your sweet little helper!

  6. yeah! you're back in the art-making saddle! yippee. Love that your studio is in the middle of the action too. fabulous!
    and love your new glamorous profile picture--like a woman who has a turquoise hallway!