Sketchbook Challenge 2011

I'm so excited to be a part of the Sketchbook Challenge project. Sketch along with us during the upcoming year and share your pages on the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr site. We'll be announcing a new topic at the beginning of each month and 15 professional artists will offer their pages for your consumption. I'll be posting here and on the Challenge site as well. Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube page as well, for a series of video tutorials. Did I mention the Facebook page? Come along with Carla Sonheim, Jane Davies, Jane LaFazio, Melanie Testa, Susan Sorrell, Jill Berry, Sue Bleiweiss, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Lyric Kinard, Carol Sloan, Diana Trout, Jami Fingal, Judi Hurwitt, Laura Cater-Woods, Violette and me! We'll also be interviewing other sketch artists and discussing the purposes, meaning and inspiration for your sketchbook. The cherry on top is a cascade of prizes from delicious artsy vendors. BIG prizes. All you'll need to do is post your sketchbook pages to Flickr. Get your pencils, pens and paints ready...this is the year that your sketchbook will begin to sizzle!

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  1. I am so excited about this project Kelli and I am so thrilled that you will be participating!!! You know that I adore your work!!! As soon as we get past Christmas I am going to make time for myself and for Journaling!!!!!