Mixbook for Geriatrics

Not that I have anything against people with poor eyesight. As an aging librarian, I  worry every day about the state of my eyesight. But I don't want to stop reading. Audiobooks are great and I take advantage of them with multiple accounts--the library, Audible and Barnes and Noble, but reading with my eyes is my favorite way to enjoy information or a good story. This preamble is about the Mixbook I created and just got in the mail. I did not realize just how large a 12x12 book was! It looks like a large print book for toddlers! I think I'll go much smaller next time. But the quality of the book is truly excellent. It's got an actual SEWN binding. That pleases me. I would recommend Mixbook. Even though their prices are not inexpensive, the quality is excellent. Here's art stitch life. works 2010 in print!