What to do on a Snowy DAY

Here's what I'm doing today...how about you? Another snowstorm coming in. I've got tickets to The Aluminum Show tonight, but they are calling for impassable driving conditions, so I think I'll have to throw them out. It's kinda hard to swallow, but I'll have to consider it my donation to the arts. Embroidery won't let me down though.


  1. Such bright wonderful needlework! Makes me want to pull my needlework stuff out - we have bad weather coming in a couple of days. Great inspiration!

  2. I love it! The colors, the embroidery, the beading, all of it. Wonderful piece:)

  3. Hi Kelli! I live in the Ann Arbor area and my sister and I visit South Haven and Saugatuck several times a year...we have talked about making a trip to Holland, especially during the Tulip Festival--anyway, I would love to participate in one of your workshops! Thanks for the contiuing inspiration! Pam =)

  4. Hi Kelli! I find your site very inspiring! I just ordered your book. I love paper crafting - stamping, painting, and coloring! I have lots of fabric that I have purchased because the vivid colors and patterns attracted me, but I have not done much with it. I plan too! :o)

    I wish you continued success.

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!
    p.s. I grew up in Jackson, MI. My son currently attends UofM and is having a GREAT experience!

  5. Hi Trena--nice to hear from you. I got my master's at UofM. Miss Ann Arbor--what an awesome place. He'll learn a lot there. I hope you find time to make something colorful!

  6. KathyB4/16/2011

    Something about this delightful project teases me into sewing RIGHT NOW! I use small pieces of fabric, then I go crazy with threads. Doing embroidery is my favorite part of any project. Thank you for sharing. Stop by and see what I'm doing with it. http://kbartdesigns.com