Beware the Hypnotist

I'm up early, having been kept awake by THIS book .... yikes~ found out who the killer is only a couple of hours into a 16 hour audiobook, so I'm thinking "what's next?" Jumping Jimminy Cricket. I was glad to have a trusty bed partner, even if he is more likely to send me out on strange-noise-in-the-house discoveries while he directs from the safety of the bedroom. Now I'm wide awake.

I've joined in with fellow Sketchbook Challenge artist Violette in her 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge. She's up for thirty, count'em, thirty DAYS of self portraits, any medium, and has created a Flickr pool for those playing along.

 My local SketchBook'd group worked on portraits last night, even though we didn't have any mirrors (because someone did not think ahead). One creative soul pulled out his drivers' license and worked from that. I used some old photos of myself, but I intend to snap some shots to work with going forward.

I thought it would be handy to make a list of  *kinds* of self portraits I could consider, in order to keep the juice flowing and not get hung up on what to do next. Here's my idea list:

high contrast * big head small body * small head big body * caricature * collaged * ripped magazine bits * expressions: happy, sad, shocked, pensive etc. * photo booth style * mosaic (paint or draw then cut into squares) * upside down * shrine style * scribbled * tracing a photo * day of the dead * digital * photocopy repeat pattern * pointillist * abstract * heavy eyebrows (kahlo) * negative space portrait * watercolor/paint first then add lines * shaded pencil * outline * paper doll * color by quadrants (divide paper and each quarter uses a different color scheme) * drawing with non-dominant hand * focus on a single feature * close-up * skewed perspective * psychedelic * monotone color * self portrait as an animal, alien, creature * with wings * with hats * geometric shapes * self portrait from behind * featuring my favorite objects * in a crowd.

Here are my first two of August. Would you care to join us in the Flickr group and challenge yourself? I know that the lazy summer days are inviting you to a mojito-induced, cricket lulling stupor of pure joy (or is that just me?), but 15 minutes a day is all it takes and at the end of the month think of all that ART!


  1. I have never tried an audiobook. Is it fun? I'm affraid I'll get some boring sleepy voice reading and I'll fall a sleep listening to it. :)) Great portraits and a great challenge. I don't think I could commit to 30 days though. :)

  2. At first I couldn't listen to audiobooks because I'd get distracted and forget I was listening to a story. But now I'm hooked on them. Your library undoubtedly has books on cd and possibly eaudiobook downloads, which are WONderful. I take mine on my mp3 player or my android phone from the car to the house to work to the grocery store and sometimes to bed with me. They are done by professional actors so they are really performances. I will say that my current streak of Scandinavian crime books is a little harder to negotiate because many of the names are confusing!