Announcing The Sketchbook Challenge e-Zine!

If you've been enjoying the Sketchbook Challenge (and how could you not?) with it's free tutorials and rampant inspiration, you may enjoy the eZine we've put together. It's got indepth projects and techniques on a variety of topics. The Sketchbook Challenge E-zine is 83 full color pages of creativity, inspiration and projects.  Click here for a sneak peek of the inside or here to purchase.  Pop on over to the sneak peek page to see a sampling of the juicy photos and step-by-step wonder included! 
Inside you'll be treated to lots of color, so don't be fooled by the low-key cover. We are not skimping on the lusciousness here. The beauty of an epub is that we can include many more illustrations than you find in a traditional magazine. Plus, you can load it on your portable reader and take it with you.
I'm reading Jane Davies' article on my Iconia Android tablet
Artists include: Jane LaFazio, Jamie Fingal, Jane Davies, Lyric Kinard, Sue Bleiweiss, Carol Sloan, Carla Sonheim, Leslie Tucker-Jenison, Susan Sorrell, Judi Hurwitt, Violette, Diana Trout and myself! That is a lot of art power harnessed for your creative enlightenment!

 I am so thrilled with this effort and I know that you will be too. Let me know what you think! Hugs and Sketches. Kelli

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