Ten Little Things....or as many as you can

I am a long time follower of Michael Nobbs--a delightful artist trying to support himself through sustainable creativity. He is a fountain of terrific ideas. I loved his Ten Things post, so wanted to try it for myself.

Here are his rules (modified):

1. Set your timer for 10 or 15 or 20 minutes. I think ten is sufficient.
2. Quickly gather ten things from any room in your house. Ransack cupboards and drawers. Don't think too hard about what you are picking out. Although if you pick out the cat, don't expect it to stay in one place. Inanimate objects are better.
3. Draw them.
4. Sit back and admire your handiwork and smart thinking!

It doesn't matter if you draw them well, just draw them. This is the practice of sketching and it's good for you. So eat your drawing vegetables and hush.

You can find my step-out drawings, more info and my original photo on the Sketchbook Challenge


  1. Love spoon flower, great idea! And love Lynn,s fabric work.

  2. "eat your drawing vegetables and hush". brilliant!