Making a Statement

My thoughts have been turning toward an artist statement, simply because I am having so much trouble defining my work. Recently, I had a smorgasbord of artwork splayed out on a table and a friend said "you can really tell that all of this is yours." Because I work on each individual project with no preconceived notion of a "style," I was surprised that someone felt that there was some cohesiveness among the different kinds of art. I am starting to identify the things that appear as threads throughout my creative life. Color saturation may be a hallmark and maybe we'll just start with that. When I create, color is going to be present and it's going to be juicy. I'll fill you in later on the spoons...


  1. Anonymous1/26/2008

    Artist Statements are a wonderful exercise of inner self reflection. I think an artist statement can change as the artist being stretches, grows, and explores deeper within themselves. Also... the colors of choice - at that time in their life - that moment .... speaks volumes too. Color meanings - incorporated into the vision statement can also be defined. I can't wait to see your statement. xxxx

  2. Anonymous2/08/2008

    I just love your spoons, so simple, so imaginative, so beautiful