Mess or Inspiration?

Do you like your studio pristine or a creative mess? I find that I like to have beautiful bits of inspiration all around me--which can look a little messy to some people.


  1. If that is your studio I am jealous as all get out. My "studio" is a kitchen table and corner in my bedroom. Unfortunately, the table also doubles as my bedside table and dumping ground. But basically, you have more toys that I do and I'm jealous!

  2. I love the pink walls! Mine are just a plain white. I have not great lighting in the basement studio at the moment and a gallon of "dill green" paint which just wouldn't go well together at all. Love the pink though. One thing at a time.

  3. oh your studio is gorgeous! I love it!

    love violette

  4. Love your studio.
    Love mine too. I have a spare bedroom to devote entirely as my studio/sewing room. Since there are always several projects in process, it is never neat as a pin. I removed the rod to hang clothes on in the closet and put floor to ceiling shelves in. All my fabrics are visible at a glance. I have cork boards, spool holders and additional shelving around the room above my machines and work table.
    This is my little piece of heaven.
    So...in answer to your question. I like my studio to have creative inspiration and to be comfortable to work in. I need a balance between pritine and a creative mess.