Tempest of Roses in a Teacup Tutorial

In honor of my stint as Art Saves guest curator at CrescenDoh, I've put together a how-to project that makes use of pretty vintage teacups. Teacups are plentiful at antique malls and they look so delicate and appealing. They hark back to a slower time when people spent time sipping and chatting over the latest gossip. But if you're not a tea drinker, you may not have a good way to put them to use. With this adorable vessel full of felt roses, you can turn a tempest in a teacup into a reason to celebrate. Make one for a friend who needs cheering and tie a personal note to the handle. Pile some chocolates on the saucer and leave one for a co-worker you appreciate. Or whip one up for yourself in your favorite colors. You'll find the illustrated directions here. Crumpets anyone?


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. This is not something I would have ever thought would be my cup of tea, but if I got a gift of one of these I just know it would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I'd have them all over the house! Those flowers are awesome!

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. thanks Kelli, they are wonderful, so bright and cheery and the water will never need changing, lol. As luck would have it a friend's mum gave me a pretty cup and saucer yesterday so I might use that as my base. Another thing to look out for in the charity shops (I'm still looking for spoons for one of your last projects) :)

  3. Kelli, these are beautiful and what a unique idea. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Such a fun project, Kelli. Thank you.

  5. I've been waiting for you to post these, they are GORGEOUS!!!